Monday, 7 April 2014

Moving Away from Home

Hello everyone!! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will have already heard that on Thursday night I received a conditional offer from University of the Highlands & Islands and I am completely over the moon about it. I traveled up to Inverness on Wednesday 26th March for my interview and it was amazing. I loved the whole feel of the University and the people there seemed rather lovely. One of the lecturers who also interviewed me is the auntie of my Pastoral care's partner which is rather funny and I actually didn't know that until after the interview. The conditions that I received are fantastic, I only need a C in both English and Drama so that will be easy to achieve. My only dilemma I have is moving away from home, I want to move as it will be a new start for me and hopefully the start to my fame. My parents and almost everyone else in my family aren't as happy about my offer as I am, they don't want me to move out. I feel ready to move out, I am a rather independent person and I know living on my own will be a challenge but I think I can do it. The university does not have student accommodation so that will mean I will have to rent out an apartment or something like that. Money will be a huge problem but I have some sort of a plan worked out in my head so hopefully it will work out just fine. This offer has made me more determined and rather proud of myself, I never in a million years imagined to get an offer. This is the beginning of something special I hope, I just have to pass my exams first.

I hoped you enjoyed reading!!


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