Thursday, 2 October 2014

Top Eight Things I love about Autumn!!

Hello everyone!!

Autumn is such a lovely time of the year. It is the time for relaxing after a summer full of fun and before the rush for Christmas. I have always loved autumn, ever since I can remember it has been my favourite season. The little things about autumn make it so special. There are so many things that I love about autumn and I thought that I would write a list of them. 

1. Crunchy leaves
The sensation you feel when you are walking, you step on a leaf, and it crunches puts a huge smile on my face. I do not know why I love it so much but I do and it is rather sad because whenever I see a leaf I walk towards it just to hear the crunch.

2. Autumn colours 
I love them. As soon as it hits autumn and the shops start filling with clothes coloured from orange to burgundy to brown, it makes me happy. They are not the brightest of colours but it does not matter because I love them. My favourite for this season is cobalt blue; it is a pretty colour all year round but especially in autumn.

3. Pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks.
 It is literally autumn in a cup; it is the perfect drink to have in the colder days as it warms you up on the first sip. This drink is probably my all time favourite drink from starbucks.

4. Beanie hats
 As I mentioned in my autumn tag I love them and as soon as autumn hits I venture out to buy a new one. I recently bought one from primark to add to my collection and it is rather cosy.

5. Halloween
 It is my most favourite thing about autumn so it had to be included. There is something about Halloween that automatically makes me happy. My favourite thing to do in the autumn season is to chill on the sofa watching Halloween films. I went out at the weekend and spent a large amount of money on decorations but it is for Halloween so it is acceptable. I think what makes me love it so much is the dressing up part, I love putting on an act and being something/someone else which explains why I am acting student.

 6. Salted caramel
 Whether it is salted caramel hot chocolates or salted caramel sauce, I love it. As soon as I hear that something has salted caramel flavouring I think of autumn. It’s such a weird combination of flavours that work so well together

7. Guy Fawkes Night
An annual celebration filled with bonfires and firework displays. I am not the hugest fan of fireworks as I think they are dangerous but I love the whole atmosphere that surrounds that night. Every year I go to one of my local parks with my friends and the rest of the city to watch the firework display and its great fun.

8. Dark lips
One of the only times that I can actually pull of dark lips and not look terrible is during autumn. I have been wearing them a lot recently and I just think they look great. My favourites of the moment are Makeup Revolution’s “Rebel with Cause” and the Revlon lip butter in “Red Velvet”.

Hope you enjoyed hearing what my top eight things about the autumn season are!


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