Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday Post #7

Hello everyone!!

I'm sorry I haven't really been posting much and its due to studying. My prelims start next week so I have been studying as much as possible and writing so many essays that very soon my arm may fall off. I have a few things to catch you up on. The first being last Wednesday I received a mystery parcel which I originally thought came from the Valentine's Day box swap I took part in and it turns out it didn't so I had to send it to the owner it was supposed to go to. I felt rather bad about it because I had someone else's parcel but I kindly sent it to them this week so they can get their box. I did however receive my box from Rachael and you can read/see what I got from her here. I loved everything I got and enjoyed the whole experience of my first box swap.

Last Saturday I had my audition for Edinburgh Napier University which was rather fun. I wasn't nervous one bit which made the whole experience even better. It was a little hard to find the location as down the one street there was 4 churches so we weren't sure which one it was but lucky I found it in plenty of time. The interview was rather quick and really relaxing, there was around 12 other people auditioning as well and for the most part we were all just stuck in a room together getting to know one another. We had separate auditions as well as a group workshop and I must say each part was great!! I'm not sure when I'll hear back but I actually think I done not too bad, it isn't my first choice of university but I was just happy to get an interview.

On Friday afternoon, I received an email from University of the Highlands & Islands inviting me to an audition for Acting and Performance at their institution. I literally screamed when I read it, its where I would love to go study, even though its a while away from home and probably really expensive. The audition is on the 26th March so a little while away but I'm sure it will fly in and I'm so excited for it. Unlike Edinburgh Napier I only have to perform one monologue which is a huge plus for me and I am just going to use the same one from my Edinburgh Napier audition. I also have a college audition tomorrow which is pretty exciting as well but it isn't somewhere I want to study but its part of my back up plan incase I get rejected from uni.

I hope you all have a fantastic week and I'm sorry if posts are limited again this week but prelims are taking over my life at the moment. Thanks for reading!!!



  1. congrats on your audition!

    from helen at

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