Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.

Sorry this is only a quick post but i just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas and hope everyone had a lovely day doing whatever they done and got lots of lovely presents.
I spend it with my family at my Gran's and had a lovely dinner made by my Gran.
I'm so thankful for all my gifts this year just like every year, many people take things like presents for granted and we shouldn't, there is many people out there that don't get to experience the Christmases i have and my heart goes out to them. I also hope the troops out there fighting for my country have a lovely day and the families of those who can't spend Christmas with their love ones are happy and have a nice day and know that i am thinking of them.

Thanks for reading x

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas EVE

Happy Christmas Eve :)

(not my Christmas tree)

1.) Mood:
super excited for Christmas tomorrow

2.) Which is your favorite holiday to celebrate?
I love Christmas even though people don't take notice of the true meaning :) I also love Halloween

3.) Who do you typically spend your favorite holiday with?
My family!

4.) Current nail polish:
Mercury Miasma - Topshop

5.) Holiday shopping-- do you get it done early or leave it until the last minute?
I always get it done early, i was finished about a week before Christmas this year which is unusual 

6.) Current outfit:

7.) Holiday gifts-- do you enjoy giving or receiving gifts more?
Giving :) i love going out and buying gifts and making people happy 

8.) What is your favorite holiday tradition?
I love counting down to Christmas with an advent calender :)

9.) What is your favorite holiday treat?
peppermint bark 

10.) Weekly goals:
enjoy spending time with my family 

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and stays safe :)

Monday, 17 December 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

1.) Mood:
Pretty nervous about tomorrow :) 

2.) In what order do you apply your make-up?
foundation, concealer, blush/powder, eye make-up then lips :)

3.) What is one thing that made you smile today?
Taking lots of people smiling backstage of our first show

4.) Current Nail Polish:
Essie - Midnight Cami :) love this nail polish, it has become one of my favourites

5.) Have you ever had a kiss under the mistletoe?
Nope, i've never actually seen mistletoe hanging anywhere

6.) Current Outfit:
Leggings and black top

7.) Moment of truth: do you usually drive the speed limit?
I can't drive yet so i don't have an answer for this one

8.) If you could spend the holidays anywhere in the whole world, where would it be?
Orlando, Florida :) or New York because it looks so pretty

9.) Do you know sign language?
I can sign some things but not very well

10.) Weekly Goals:
To have fun performing in the school pantomime & to hand out my Christmas cards

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Pictures from Pinterest

Decided today that i would show some of my favourite pictures from pinterest this week :)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Feeling Festive

1.) Mood:
Excited for Christmas :)

2.) Does the winter season tend to draw you indoors, or outdoors?
indoors because its freezing outside but if it snows then i want to be outside and playing in it 

3.) Would you rather wear summer clothes in winter, or winter clothes in summer?
Well here in Scotland we already tend to wear winter clothes in summer because the weather doesnt seem to be that great here, so maybe summer clothes in winter although i like wearing warm things in the winter, thats a hard one

4.) Current nail polish:
Essie Good as Gold

5.) What is your idea of a holiday makeup look?
Sparkly eyeshadow with a bold red lip and maybe some fake lashes 

6.) Current outfit:
black school trousers, black vest top and black hoodie

7.) What is your favorite winter accessory?
infinity scarfs and boots :)

8.) You have a free day to do anything you want-- what do you do?
go to ice skating in George Square or the Christmas market 

9.) What are your favorite holiday decorations?
Unique tree decorations :) i have a wooden Rudolf that i love

10.) Weekly goals:
To pass my business NAB

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


1.) Mood:
exhausted but happy 

2.) You call into the radio station to request a holiday song-- which one is it?
I would request the Brad Paisley Christmas Album, every song from it just gets me in the mood for Christmas and i love his voice :) or A Holly Jolly Christmas by Lady Antebellum 

3.) What is your ideal handbag size?
I like a medium cross body bag :)

4.) Current nail polish:
Essie Midnight Cami

5.) What is the last fragrance you wore?
Anna Sui Flight of Fancy

6.) Current outfit:
Spongebob Christmas pj bottoms and plain black vest top

7.) Which snow activity do you prefer: building snowmen, making snow angels, or snowball fights?
I love making snow angels but its not fun when your hair gets covered in snow and your bum gets wet.
I enjoy snowball fights but not when people use ice balls instead

8.) What is your favorite restaurant cuisine?
Anything does me :) i like places that do a variety so you can pick and choose, like buffets are good for me

9.) Can you whistle with your fingers?
I used to but now because of my braces it makes it a very difficult challenge

10.) Weekly goals:
To make my Christmas countdown just need to find some wooden blocks :)

The Christmas Tag

#1-What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
I love seeing all the pretty Christmas lights up everywhere, I love going out and spending money on gifts for others :) Decorating my tree, going ice skating and going to the Christmas markets aswell

#2-What is your favourite make up look for the festive season?
A lovely soft golden eye with a bit of shimmer and a bold red lip

#3-Real tree or fake tree?
I don't think i've ever had a real tree which is a real shame because i love the smell of them, its always been fake trees i've had so i guess my answer has to be fake :)

#4-Giving presents or receiving presents?
Definitely giving! I do also like receiving but one of my favourite things to do is to give. I like the whole feeling of buying gifts for others and wrapping it up in pretty paper with special bows and seeing their faces light up with they open that gift you bought for them certainly makes my Christmas that little bit better.

#5-Do you open your Christmas presents morning or evening?
Christmas morning :) 

#6-Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
I love making handmade cards but this year i bought mine because i seen some cute little ones in Tesco I just had to buy. 

#7-What is your favourite Christmas film?
It has to be "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas", its my all time favourite Christmas film and in my top ten films :) I do also love the home alone series, elf, nightmare before Christmas, the Santa clause's, Fred Clause etc

#8-What is your favourite Christmas food?
Stuffing is my favourite :)