Friday, 3 January 2014

Name Change & Box Swap

Hello everyone!! I decided as its a new year I would change my blog name/URL, I do love wwe and beauty but I want my blog to be more than that. I want to share my life with you rather than being limited so A Piece Of Katelyn will offer just that. I'm going to be blogging more frequently about anything and everything but mainly lifestyle posts as I really do enjoy posting them. This also requires if you already follow iheartwweandbeauty on bloglovin you will have to refollow my new URL - apieceofkatelyn 

Today I also wanted to talk to you about a Valentine's box swap that I'm taking part in and hopefully you will want to participate in aswell. The lovely Lucie from fatbeautyx and Samantha from mascaraandcakes have created the Valentine's box swap to help the blogging communtity come together to share the love for Valentine's day. 

(stole from Lucie's blog)

It's Simple, After following the requirements detailed below, Leave a comment stating your email address, Either Lucie or Samantha will contact you and obtain your details. You then have till January 30th to tell all your followers and get them to take part in the Valentines Box Swap, Then on January 31st Everyone will receive an email with their Valentines name and details. you will have less then 2 weeks to go and get some things to the value of £20 ( or as close to the penny please ) and send it off to your Valentine, Then its time to wait excitedly as your Valentines box from your blogger valentine is well on its way to you!

Not only does this spread the love between bloggers,  maybe helping 2 lipstick fanatics find each other to form a beautiful blogging friendship,  It also helps plug beauty products we ourselves may love and want to pass on to another blogger to fall in love with too!

Sounds Fun right? So How do you take part?

Follow Lucie on GFC (here) Bloglovin (here) & twitter (here)
Follow Samantha on GFC (here) Bloglovin (here) & twitter (here)

Press this Tweet Button below and Re-Tweet to all your followers about #ValentinesBoxSwapUK & get them involved too! ( Do this as many times as you want, Everyday if you like! )

Tweet: I just entered the #ValentinesBoxSwapUK by @mascaraAndCakes @fatbeautyx Sign up to send & receive a Beauty Box too!

Lastly, Leave a Comment below  with your email address after completing the above following requirements, Then we can contact you to confirm your taking part & get your details!

The Small Print :

- This is for UK residents only.
- The price limit is £20 or as close to the penny, many bloggers have taken part in box swaps and not received items to the set limit, but instead half the limit. Please, put thought into your gifts as you would want YOUR valentine to do for you! We want everyone happy with their valentines day box swap and want you to have the time to go out and get lovely gifts with the set limit! 

So what are you waiting for! Sign up today and get ready to spoil and be spoilt!

I hope everyone signs up as its a way to get your blog noticed or if you want to get to know people a little more its a fun way to do so. Hope you all enjoyed reading!!



  1. Aw Katelyn So happy to be getting to read more about you. apieceofkatelyn sounds awesome :)

    Also sooooooooo thankful you posted this about our box swap! I hope some of your lovely readers see this and think " oooooooooo I wanna take part " and join in the fun! :D


  2. Aw thank you :) no problem, I hope some of my readers want to take part aswell

  3. This is a great idea! Can't wait to see what you guys send each other! :)
    Ellie, xx
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