Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Feeling Festive

1.) Mood:
Excited for Christmas :)

2.) Does the winter season tend to draw you indoors, or outdoors?
indoors because its freezing outside but if it snows then i want to be outside and playing in it 

3.) Would you rather wear summer clothes in winter, or winter clothes in summer?
Well here in Scotland we already tend to wear winter clothes in summer because the weather doesnt seem to be that great here, so maybe summer clothes in winter although i like wearing warm things in the winter, thats a hard one

4.) Current nail polish:
Essie Good as Gold

5.) What is your idea of a holiday makeup look?
Sparkly eyeshadow with a bold red lip and maybe some fake lashes 

6.) Current outfit:
black school trousers, black vest top and black hoodie

7.) What is your favorite winter accessory?
infinity scarfs and boots :)

8.) You have a free day to do anything you want-- what do you do?
go to ice skating in George Square or the Christmas market 

9.) What are your favorite holiday decorations?
Unique tree decorations :) i have a wooden Rudolf that i love

10.) Weekly goals:
To pass my business NAB

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