Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas EVE

Happy Christmas Eve :)

(not my Christmas tree)

1.) Mood:
super excited for Christmas tomorrow

2.) Which is your favorite holiday to celebrate?
I love Christmas even though people don't take notice of the true meaning :) I also love Halloween

3.) Who do you typically spend your favorite holiday with?
My family!

4.) Current nail polish:
Mercury Miasma - Topshop

5.) Holiday shopping-- do you get it done early or leave it until the last minute?
I always get it done early, i was finished about a week before Christmas this year which is unusual 

6.) Current outfit:

7.) Holiday gifts-- do you enjoy giving or receiving gifts more?
Giving :) i love going out and buying gifts and making people happy 

8.) What is your favorite holiday tradition?
I love counting down to Christmas with an advent calender :)

9.) What is your favorite holiday treat?
peppermint bark 

10.) Weekly goals:
enjoy spending time with my family 

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and stays safe :)

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