Tuesday, 4 December 2012


1.) Mood:
exhausted but happy 

2.) You call into the radio station to request a holiday song-- which one is it?
I would request the Brad Paisley Christmas Album, every song from it just gets me in the mood for Christmas and i love his voice :) or A Holly Jolly Christmas by Lady Antebellum 

3.) What is your ideal handbag size?
I like a medium cross body bag :)

4.) Current nail polish:
Essie Midnight Cami

5.) What is the last fragrance you wore?
Anna Sui Flight of Fancy

6.) Current outfit:
Spongebob Christmas pj bottoms and plain black vest top

7.) Which snow activity do you prefer: building snowmen, making snow angels, or snowball fights?
I love making snow angels but its not fun when your hair gets covered in snow and your bum gets wet.
I enjoy snowball fights but not when people use ice balls instead

8.) What is your favorite restaurant cuisine?
Anything does me :) i like places that do a variety so you can pick and choose, like buffets are good for me

9.) Can you whistle with your fingers?
I used to but now because of my braces it makes it a very difficult challenge

10.) Weekly goals:
To make my Christmas countdown just need to find some wooden blocks :)

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