Sunday, 1 March 2015

5 Great Things About My Week!!

Hello everyone!!

I thought I would do a different kind of blog post today and tell you 5 things that have been great this week;

Rehearsals  -  This year for my final production at college we have took on "4:48 Psychosis" by Sarah Kane which we will be performing in 16 days which is not too long away but this week it finally has came together. We only have a few more scenes to finalise and then we are good to go which is amazing considering how tough a year we have had.

New Lecturer - a week ago, my college got a new lecturer who has taken over my voice classes and he is amazing. There is something about him that I really like, and he really cares about not only my class but also the work we are doing. He gives great advice and I feel like if I had him from the start of the year college may have been that little bit better. I think Friday was one of my favourite days at college so far and there have been many good days.

Juice Detox - I found a Glasgow based Juice Company that specialises in a Juice Detox and decided to try out a 3 day one this week. Everything about it I loved (apart from not getting my third day on time which I'm not too happy about as it meant I couldn't finish the Detox) it made me feel like I had been wiped out from all the badness.

New Clothes - I purchased a lot of new clothes this week and I think I had a delivery every single day, which made me very happy as I never get mail. I felt my wardrobe needed updating even though most of the stuff I bought was plain black for college.

My College Friends - I have a few close friends that I have known all throughout my school years but my college friends are just amazing!! From the very first day as a whole class, we connected and this week has just been another great week with them. It is as though we have known each other our whole lives and I will miss them all dearly when things change next year.
    1. I hope you enjoyed hearing about the top 5 things that made my week great!!


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