Friday, 6 March 2015

The Dream Tag

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This tag was floating around the internet a while ago and I have to be honest I have hit a bit of a “writers block” therefore I thought I would do another tag post. I enjoy answering questions and these are super easy to do when you have no time whatsoever. I have a show in less than two weeks so everything is a bit hectic at the moment but I wanted to put up a post anyway. I am a dreamer and always have been. I always find myself dreaming of the secret life I wish I had.
1. What are you currently day dreaming about?
Florida, I’m going back to my second home in July and I cannot wait. I’m dreaming of walking down Main Street, MK with a huge smile on my face, dreaming of meeting all the characters and having just a great time. I’m dreaming of being free and not having to worry or stress out because stress doesn’t exist in Disney World

2. What three items live in your dream wardrobe?
A pair of Christian Louboutin, I think they are every girls dream tbh. A white midi tutu skirt, something I probably couldn’t pull off even if I tried but I love them and they look so classy if paired with a nice top and heels. The last thing would be a Prada handbag, I just think they look so classy and have always wanted to own one.

3. Who's your dream celeb look-alike?
There isn’t really an celebs that I would love to look like if I’m completely honest.

4. In your eyes, who's currently "living the dream"?
I think those who are actors full time are living the dream whether that’s on stage or film or tv. I hope that one day I will be one of those people. Also those who are currently in a production on Broadway, that’s would just be amazing!!

5. What do you dream of more; love or money?
I get that money doesn’t buy you anything but it would solve a lot of my problems in life if I didn’t constantly have to worry about my finances. Love is something I guess everyone wants, myself included but these days money is an essential and you don’t get very far without it. I guess I would say I dream a lot more about money than I do love.

6. Your dream holiday escape?
Of course, Florida but I would love to go back to New York and explore everywhere I did not get a chance to. I love would love to do a road trip around America. I’m not one for wanting to go to places like the Caribbean or anything like that.

7. Who's your dream YouTuber collab?
I’m not a youtuber therefore I don’t have an answer for that but if I were I would love to collab with Miranda Sings.

8. Did your childhood dreams ever come true?
Yes they actually did, my ultimate dream was going to Disney and I got the chance in 2005 and my other dream I’m living just now. Acting full time was always a dream and its currently what I’m doing with my life.

9. If one of your dreams could come true right now, what would it be?  
To get into HND next year. It all depends on my show in two weeks and my graded unit so fingers crossed.
Thank you for reading and I realised I mentioned Disney way too many times but I’m addicted to Disney so too much isn’t really a problem to me.


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