Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Top 5 New Year Wallpapers for 2015

(photo from pinterest) 

Hello everyone!!

This is just a little post to say I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas (if you celebrate it) & I would like to wish you all a happy new year. 2014 was such an incredible year for me in so many different ways. I travelled a lot to places that I had always hoped to, I met so many great people, I saw so many great bands/artists live, I got my first job,  I began studying one of my hugest passions in life, and for once in a very long time, I was happy!! There was times this year when I had to make difficult choices but the right ones were made and I cannot wait for 2015 to make even more choices that will change my life.

I hope to be back in the New Year blogging more than last year, I have so many great ideas but it’s just about putting them in place. I hope you all have a wonderful new years eve and a brilliant 2015.

Thanks for reading!!


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