Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Graze Box #2

Hello everyone!! I decided that I would start making this a "thing" on my blog, showing you what I got in my Graze box each week. This week was great, I received lots of yummy treats and if I'm honest this weeks box has been my favourite out of the ones I have received since I subscribed. This is my actually my 5th box but my second that I have showed you so I hope you enjoy seeing what I received.

I received;

Dark Rocky Road - This was a lovely little box filled with dark chocolate buttons, cranberries and pecan nuts. I don't particularly like cranberries but the rest of the pot was lovely. 

Brownie - I have been waiting for this to pop up in my box for ages and it was simply delicious. Inside was three small little brownies and they were to die for.

Popping Corn, Twist of Black Pepper - This popcorn wasn't something that I would normally have tried if I didn't receive it in my box, I only ever like sweet but this was good. 

Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky - I love beef jerky and this was lovely!! The tomato relish that came along with it was super good and tasted really good when I dipped the jerky in it.

Overall this weeks box was delicious and nothing was a disappointment. Hope you enjoyed this post!!



  1. I agree, that does look like a good graze box. I ended up cancelling mine because I never ended up liking anything I got sent haha! X

    1. I had a subscription before and I was the same, I never liked anything I got but its changed a lot now and I only ever receive things that appeal to me :)