Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday Post #5

Hello everyone!! How has your week been? Mine has been pretty standard with nothing too exciting apart from this weekend really. For the most part of the week other than school all I have really done is studied for my prelims coming up soon or going over my monologue and trying to pick a song for my audition. 
I have decided to pick a speech from Henry IV, Lady Percy's monologue in Act 2 scene 3 and I have four songs my Music teacher picked for me to choose. I'm getting really nervous about it because its only really 2 and a half weeks away so not long.

On Friday night I went to the theatre to see West Side Story which I had been wanting to see for some time now so I booked some last minute tickets after I came home from school on Friday afternoon. The seats weren't the greatest but they were only £15 for a ticket which was pretty good. The show was fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of going to see it. It's a musical set in an upper side neighbourhood in New York City in the mid-1950s based around two rival gangs of different ethnic backgrounds. Everything about the show was great and I had been researching most of the songs for my audition as I was thinking of singing something from the show. The dancing in it was amazing and I truly wished I continued with ballet but sadly I quit when I was younger. It was truly the best thing about my week and wish I could see it all over again.

Sunday's are normally very lazy and we don't really do anything apart from go to my Gran's for Sunday lunch but today we took my little cousins to the oldest house in Glasgow, the Provand's Lordship. I have been many times before but I always like visiting as the gardens outside are always so pretty to look at. It was built in 1471 and is filled with lots of lovely paintings as well as information about the house itself. Its now a museum and only takes about 15-20 minutes to look around but its always nice to visit if you do ever visit Glasgow. The gardens outside have lovely herbs growing and a beautiful wishing well and some sort of bench things which are nice to sit on and watch the world go by. It was a particularly nice day today so we didn't stay for long but it was a nice way to spend most of my Sunday and next week we are going to visit the Kelvingrove Art galleries which was where we were going to visit today but the weather changed our minds.

I hope you had a lovely Sunday!!


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