Sunday, 5 January 2014

2014 Memory Jar

Hello everyone!! For my Sunday post today I thought I would show you a little DIY project I made the other day. Last year I saw a few people make memory jars and I loved the idea but never got around to making my own one so I decided I would do so this year. My sister bought the jar from ikea and wasn't using it so I kindly asked for it then I cut out numbers/letters from some out magazines and glued them to the jar. I cannot wait to start filling it up with my memories or just exciting things that happened during 2014 and at the end of the year I will try and do a blog post reflecting on the year using the memories in the jar. Its also nice to look back at in the future as sometimes memories can fade away or get stuffed to the back of your mind but this way it means these events will never be lost.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday as I'm off to the carnival then I'm going to either write up my Chemistry notes which I have been putting off for the majority of the time I've been off school. I know I promised myself to doing catch up posts on Sunday's but I thought today I would show you something a little different. I also have a lush haul post to put up this week aswell as a Graze box post showing you some yummy treats I got in the post this morning.


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