Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday Post #4

Hello everyone!! Sorry for the late post today but I haven't really had much time lately to blog but its better late than never I suppose.

This week as most of you know it was my gran's birthday this week as I wrote a post about it, we went out for dinner on Friday to a local Chinese restaurant and it was delicious. I normally don't like Chinese food very much but I had orange chicken which I had never tried and it was amazing!! I also had an old favourite which was a banana fritter which syrup which was awesome aswell. Overall it was a great meal and will most certainly be going back, unfortunately I didn't take any pictures so don't have any to show you.

I also received an email this week from Edinburgh Napier University inviting me to an audition for Acting and English which I am over the moon about. I never in a million years thought I would get an audition for there but its made me more determined to ace it. The audition seems really long as its split into four parts, shakespeare monologue (which is fine), sing a song from musical theatre (I can't really sing and the course has nothing to do with singing therefore there is no need for this part of the audition), perform a monologue written by myself (I already have one wrote up) and lastly participate in a workshop with others who are also auditioning. My friend also has an audition the same day which is great because even though I'm totally fine with meeting new people sometimes its good to have someone you know there aswell. The audition is the 15th of Feburaury which isn't too far away but my English teacher has kindly offered to be my "acting coach" because my drama teacher is terrible so hopefully by the time my audition comes along I'm be amazing and they will not even dream of not giving me a place. 

Tomorrow I am hopefully going to upload my graze box review type post because I have been putting it off all weekend because I've had way too much homework. I'm also thinking of maybe taking a trip to the theatre tomorrow night to see West Side Story which I have been wanting to see for some time now, I just have to book tickets.

I hope you all have a lovely week!!


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