Monday, 23 December 2013

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town...

Hello everyone!! Today I was going to post a little cooking post but my computer decides it wants to take forever importing photos so I'll put it up tomorrow as a little Christmas eve treat.

1. Do you already have presents for everyone?
Sure do, finished the other day
2. To how many Christmas markets have you been so far this year?
One, every year I visit and this year was no different.

3. Do you have an advent calendar? If so, what was in it today?
Yeah I do, today it was a chocolate shaped Christmas pudding

4. With whom will you be celebrating this year? Would you like it to be different?
My family & no I like it this way

5. Will you be going to church?
erm I think so
6. Do you have any Christmas accident stories?
hm no I don't think so... well I can't really remember any so I'm afraid not

7. What is one thing that reminds you of last years Christmas (a book, a song, a dish…)?
Any time its quite really because last year it was so quite at my Gran's house. Normally we have my uncle, auntie and cousins up at my grans along with my little family but they spend it in Spain with my auntie's family so it was rather quite.

8. Does your family sing together or make music on Christmas?
Nope although it would be pretty funny if we did because everyone is pretty terrible at singing.

9. What is the least Christmassy thing you did/do that felt/feels like Christmas?
least Christmassy? Everything I normally do isn't very Christmassy apart from listening to Christmas songs  

10. Would you travel over the Christmas holidays? Where to?
I would love to travel to America but I don't think I could because it just wouldn't be the same as spending Christmas at home even if my family were with me.

11. Christmas or New Year’s Eve?
Christmas for sure, I never do anything exciting at Christmas apart from watching Still Game & Only an Excuse so definitely Christmas.

Hope you all enjoyed reading & I'll see you tomorrow 


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