Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Bucket List Tag

Hello everyone, I seen a few people do the Christmas Bucket List Tag and thought it was a really good idea. I finish school on the 20th so I don't have a lot of free time but I want to try and get these things done before Christmas.

1. Go Ice Skating at George Square - I got every year and it's great fun. Ice skating outside definitely beats indoors.

2. Bake some Christmas treats - I really want to make some mince pies, Christmas cookies or gingerbread men this year. My sister and I have actually decided a couple of days before Christmas we are going to have a day filled with baking.

3. Put up my tree and decorations - I normally put mine up on the 13th because of the whole 12 days before Christmas tradition and this year is no different. I love putting up my lights and decorating my tree, its one of my favourite things about Christmas.

4. Watch some Christmas films - I haven't watched a single one yet so I need to dig mine out and get them watched

5. Make my Christmas cards - I have all the crafts to make the cards I want but I just haven't got around to doing so yet.

I hope you all enjoyed this tag and if you do it please leave a link below 


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