Sunday, 8 December 2013

Ten Things I Love About Christmas

Hello everyone, today I thought I would tell you ten things I like about Christmas!!

1. Buying presents -  I love buying people presents, it makes me feel happy knowing I am buying a gift for someone else that they will really appreciate. I love the excitement of going into a shop or seeing someone online for someone.

2. Christmas Markets - They are the best thing ever, I love walking round all the stalls and eating  yummy treats or buying cute little things. Every year I look forward to going to the one in town and each year it gets better and better. I would love to go to one in like Germany.

3. Decorating my house - I love putting up my Christmas tree and decorating my room, it gets me really excited about Christmas and can be lots of fun.

4. Christmas Music - I love Christmas songs, theres just something about them that excites me. I just posted my favourite Christmas songs so go check it out.

5. Gran's Christmas Dinner - We have Sunday lunch every week but at Christmas its that little bit better. She goes all out with her home cooking and its just wonderful.

6. Wrapping Presents - People always seem to hate wrapping presents but I'm the opposite, I love doing it. My favourite thing about it is adding those finishing touches with little bows or ribbon and cute little tags. 

7. Watching Christmas films - The excitement of putting on a Christmas film or watching one on TV in the weeks running up to Christmas is fantastic. The feeling I get inside is all warm and puts a great big smile on my face.

8. Ornaments - One of my favourite things to do each year is buy a new ornament for my tree and each year they bring out even better ones than the year before. I love ones that are really unique because they then stand out from the rest.

9. Mince Pies - Nothing beats a mince pie in the winter, its the only time I really eat them (because they aren't available the rest of the year) and when I do it reminds me of how much I actually love them

10. Irn Bru Snowman Advert - My favourite advert of all time is the Irn Bru Snowman advert, everyone says its not Christmas until you see the coca cola advert well not for me. The advert makes me so happy seeing Glasgow all ready for Christmas and makes me realise how much I actually love Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed reading, tell me below what's your favourite thing about Christmas? 


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