Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Mince Pies & Gingerbread Cupcakes..

Hello Everyone!! Its Christmas Eve, I can't actually believe how fast this year has been. I'm currently sitting on my bed surrounded by presents that need to be wrapped up but I'm just not in the mood for wrapping. I've been putting it off for days now and really must do it but instead I'm typing up this blog post.

Today's post is a cooking/DIY style post, last night my older sister and I both decided it was a good idea to start baking. Earlier in the week Tanya Burr put up a youtube video on how to make gingerbread cupcakes with toffee icing and mince pies so we followed her video which you can find here. They were really easy to make and super yummy. My first batch didn't turn out so well as I left them in for 5 minutes too long but they were still good to eat and everyone enjoyed them. These treats are great for a night like tonight, it's Christmas Eve and here in Glasgow its miserable. It hasn't stopped raining (icy rain) all day so its a perfect night to either bake these delicious treats and then curl up with a Christmas movie on. 

Today is the last day of blogmas, I've really enjoyed posting every day till Christmas even though I did struggle in the middle of the month to think of some ideas. I know I didn't exactly announce I was doing it but I loved it and its got me more determined to blog more throughout 2014. I will probably post tomorrow just wishing everyone a merry Christmas. I hope you all have a lovely day/evening!!


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