Sunday, 15 December 2013

Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Books :)

Hello everyone!! As I have already done a book gift guide for children, I thought I would share some book ideas for those people in your life that love books but are not children. Hope you get some inspiration and find the perfect book for someone special.

Post Secret - Frank Warren once had an idea for an art project which involved him handing out postcards and asking people to write down a secret but anonymously. Most of the secrets are pretty weird and some are really emotional.

Listography - This book is perfect for list makers, at the top of each page there is a title and below is to create the list based on the theme.

 Q&A  - I own this book and its a great little book to start your day but also a way of remembering and then in the future seeing how things have changed. Each day you are asked a question and over the course of 5 years you answer and see if things have changed or stayed the same.

 My Wonderful World of Fashion - This book is like a colouring book for those that are passionate about fashion and drawing.

Teen Vogue Hand BookThis book is the mix of beautiful pictures, career advice and profiles of everyone and every aspect of the fashion industry. Perfect for anyone interested in a career in the fashion industry. 

 642 Things to Write About - This book is great for those that love to write, the book gives a prompt and inspiration to write stories. Its a perfect way to help your creativeness pour out of you.

 The Travel Book - I own this book and I love it. The Travel Book captures the essence of every country on the planet through stunning photographs and atmospheric text

 Music Listography & Film Listography - These books are very much like the original Listography book only they are more suited to music & film lovers.

Wreck This Journal - Wreck This Journal is a fantastic book for those creative people out there, its a book full of ideas on how to destroy it in many unique ways. 

Hope you enjoyed reading & found some useful gift ideas.


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