Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sunday; Family, How Much They Mean To You... #2

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas spending it with family or friends. This year was great for me I got truly spoiled which is always nice, my family always take Christmas a little too far with presents just to show everyone how much they love them.

Christmas this year was also different, my uncle had been battling cancer for a long time now and over the last month or two he had slowly been getting worse. Earlier in the year he was told there was nothing more they could do, they had tried everything. On the 20th December the doctors told my aunt that he wouldn't last the night but he fought hard. On Christmas eve we decided to visit him because my dad knew that this could be the last time we ever saw him. The doctors had set up a hospital bed for him in his home to make him more comfortable and because that's what he wanted. He was so pale and dead looking, he didn't look like the same man that I had seen just a week before, he wasn't awake but he could hear us. We were the last ones to see him alive, 5:25am on Christmas morning he passed away. I've never lost a family member before until now and its been a few days but I feel so lost, in 2011 I lost a friend that I had never met before. 

Leah's death hit me hard, even though I had never met her she meant a lot to me, she was strong and suffered a long time (Leah's family set up "The Leah Wilby Foundation" in memory of her. The charity's aims was to buy a caravan and provide holiday accommodation in Great Yarmouth to families in the UK with young children who suffer from childhood cancer.) This time because its a family member it hit me harder, I couldn't stop crying when my mum told me, I felt like my heart had been ripped out. I never imagined I would ever write about this but I needed an outlet to write about how I feel but there isn't many words to describe my feelings. I've realised a lot this Christmas that family is extremely important and sometimes I take mine for granted because I don't understand how much they mean to me until someone is taken away. Knowing I saw my uncle before he passed means a lot because it means I got to say goodbye. If you're reading this I want you to take a moment to go and tell your family how much they mean to you before its too late. 

Sorry for the slightly gloomy post today but I just had to let some of my feelings out because I feel like I can't speak about them or I'll just burst into tears but I hope you all have a lovely day and think about what your family really means to you.


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