Friday, 20 December 2013

Make Yourself Happy Rather Than Others

Hello everyone!! I thought I would share another little quote with you as lately I've been super busy and tired so I haven't had enough time to plan my posts but hopefully soon I'll have some better posts up.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately that I should be doing things that make me happy rather than trying to please everyone else. At this time of the year we are always trying to please people with gifts that you hope they may like rather than buying something that made you happy to buy. If you put a lot of thought and work into buying the gift then that is all that matters really. I always feel though that in my day to day activities I'm not pleasing enough people when really it shouldn't matter because if I'm enjoying myself then that is the main thing. If you ever feel like you need to try and please someone, stop because if its not making you happy then you shouldn't be doing it. Only do the things in life that are enjoyable to you and no one else.

Hope you enjoyed this post and you take a few minutes to stop trying to please others and just make yourself happy.


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